Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to protect your Gmail account

Emails are the most important account you can have. It is the one that can recover your social media accounts, it is where you exchange information with other people. Here are simple steps on how to add layers of security to your Gmail.
1. In the Gmail page click your picture icon in the top right.Click “My Account.”
2. Click “Sign-In & Security.”

3. Click “Security Check-Up.”

4. This will give you a tour on what devices and mobile apps that have access to your account. Remove anything that you find suspicious.
5. Go back to the “Sign-In & Security” page. Scroll down until you see “Passwords and sign-in methods.”

6. Enable “2-Step Verification” by clicking on it.

7. It will redirect you to a page where it shows the benefits of turning on 2-Step Verification. Click “Get Started.”

8. Provide your phone number that Google will use to send you a passcode. The next time you log in, Google will send you a pass code via SMS, which you then need to input after typing your password. Google will provide a box, if checked, will verify the PC, laptop, or device, and the 2-Step verification will no longer be needed for that device.

These steps are not 100% guarantee that they will protect your account. Always use passwords that no one will be able to guess and if you mobile phone is synched to your account, make sure you keep it safe and close by your side.
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