Monday, 8 August 2016

HTML to XML parser Blogger Adsense Converter

Google Adsense Code Converter

This handy tool automatically converts javascript ad code into the correct format so you can embed it directly into your new xml Blogger template. It’s perfect for converting AdSense, AdBrite, Chitika or any other javascript ad code you may have. so you need to first convert & then paste it into the Template.
How you can Convert Google AdSense Code via This Tool below online | HTML to XML parser | Blogger adsense converter | escape tool
This online converter will convert your adsense,chitika, adbrite and any HTML code into XML coding which are compatible with the blogger templates.

Copy the Adsense Code from your Adsense Account and paste it in the Box Below.
After Pasting Click On the button below "Convert your Adcode".
Now This Tool will convert the Adsense Code to a form which can be added any where in the blogger post .

Enter Code:
Parsed Code

This Adsense Parser / escape Online tool is Very Cool. Instead of Manually parse adsense code you can easily conver any html code to xml format. This tool are very easy and accurately escape tool which are hassle free parse the any html code. How To use ? when you enter html code in to above box parse code will be generated automatically just copy and past this code to your blogger use. 

Adsense parser will make the google adsense, chitika, infolink, adbrite, adsforindian ad code converted to Encoded HTML code for adding in your blogger templates. Blogger templates don't allow html code in to xml templates so this tool are very important for every blogger user.

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If you want to add Adsense Ad units or any other ad scripts inside the Blogger Post or anywhere in the Blog, You can't directly Paste it in the template code. You need to first convert the code using this HTML Entities Encoder tool and then you can put ads anywhere you want....

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