Friday, 26 August 2016

250+ Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites 2016

Dofollow social bookmarking sites can play a very important role in improving search engine position of your site and your blog posts. The high page rank dofollow social bookmarking sites can also help you to improve the page rank of your site.

Google page rank is not regularly getting updated for last one year, but it is always good to be ready with quality backlinks. Not to forget the amount of traffic these social bookmarking sites can send you on a regular basis.

Generally, our social sharing activity is limited to a few popular social bookmarking sites and we miss a lot of possible traffic from the other social bookmarking sites.

And, if we want a really good position for a particular blog post we must create a lot of quality backlink to that article and these social bookmarking sites becomes really handy to get quick backlinks.

Sometimes it’s not possible to visit all these sites and post each article because it could be a time-consuming process. However, we should definitely try to cover all the high page rank social bookmarking sites so that your blog post gets a boost instantly.

In this post we have collected more than 250 social bookmarking sites which can play a very important role in the success of your site, I hope you will find this list helpful.

Before you proceed to submit your site to the social bookmarking sites, you need to understand that if you do too much of spamming in those sites by posting too many links frequently, your site may get banned by those social networks.

So, do it responsibly and make that you submit valuable content from other sources as well along with your own blog that will help you to increase your credibility and increase your follower base as well as make new relation with other bloggers.

If you are not able to submit your article to all the sites mentioned in the list, make sure that you submit it to at least Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Scoop IT, Storify, Tumblr, Delicious etc

Also, if you want to automate the process of social sharing to popular social media sites, we have already listed out the tools to get that done.

Before you start going through the do follow social bookmarking sites mentioned in this list, I would suggest you to use a quality social sharing WordPress plugin on your site to make it easy for the users to share your content on the social media site. The news shared by the visitors will keep your content alive and fresh with the possible traffic from those social media sites.

Also, a good number of social share will help your content to get good ranking in the search engine like Google because the search engines give a lot of importance to the social signal. I would recommend you to use a quality plugin like Monarch as your social media sharing option because this plugin offers you modern features, great design of sharing buttons and a number of different placement options.

Don’t forget to optimize your images for social sharing, if you use a plugin like Monarch; you can easily optimize the images inside your blog posts and when a user hover on the images they will see the sharing buttons which they can use to share the image with sites like Pinterest which can send you a lot of traffic.

Disclaimer: All the sites mentioned in the list are not do-follow and many become no-follow from do-follow which are not tracking regularly. So, please check it yourself before using the site and make sure if the site is do-follow.

Source: Sourcewp

Monday, 22 August 2016

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Add-ins for Microsoft Excel

Free downloads for Excel 2016 (32- and 64-bit), 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003; desktop version of Office 365

·         Matching and merging tables
·         Removing duplicates
·         Consolidating Excel worksheets
·         Merging cells
·         Cleaning data
·         Creating cards from table
·         Searching for broken links
·         Swapping two ranges
·         Splitting names and titles
·         Managing worksheets
·         Filling blanks
·         Finding special cells
·         Managing cell comments
·         Splitting Excel worksheets
·         Spreadsheet auditing
·         Free Excel add-ins

Source : Ablebits

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