Thursday, 21 January 2016

What is SEO?

Search Engine optimization has become the most intellectual processes these days when it comes to the organic rankings. There were many factors that determine the success of your website on the different search engines. Search Engine Optimization is not only about getting higher rankings in SERPs, but it’s about sustaining the higher position in the search results. No one could guarantee first page rankings in the given time frame, but a good and organic optimization provides long term sustainable results. Today, SEO has become an essential marketing parameter for any website to get a good number of visitors, but only those websites able to taste the success that has a comprehensive and detailed SEO strategy.

Technical Evaluation of the website:

Technical evaluation of the website is done to make sure that the website is technically sound and clean from the Search Engine’s prospective. Search Engines always prefer a website that is technically clean and sound and not have any technical issues.  Technical glitches could hamper the website’s crawl ability by the search engine Robots known as Bots or Spiders. Some of the common technical issues found on the websites are related to Canonicalization, Duplicate pages, 404 Pages, Javascript and CSS issues, Meta Refresh, 302 Redirects, Pagination issues, and other technical issues.

On Page Evaluation

On Page optimization is known as the core of the entire search engine optimization process. There are many elements on the website that search engine crawls and every website page should be well optimized as per the search engine factors. On Page optimization includes following:

Meta Tag Optimization

Meta Tag optimization refers to the optimization of two of the most important elements and they are the Meta title and Meta Descriptions. Every website page is unique to the search engines and in order to identify any web page search engine crawlers rely on the Meta title and Meta descriptions of the pages. The Meta title and description are also visible to the users, therefore it is most important to have a unique, creative and thoughtful descriptions and title tag on every single page of the website including the home page. 

It is always known as “Content is King” when it comes to the search engine optimization. There are certainly many factors that make content a king. Today, the world is all about content marketing and promotion. One can connect to every other thing on the web through good quality content. You would know about various products and services on the webs through content, therefore search engines give more emphasis on the quality content for the website. 

Off Page Optimization: Off Page optimization is the list of the activities that is not done on the website. There are many types of Off Page activities to be done on a monthly basis in order to achieve good results. Most of the off page activities focus on the Link Building that is creating the link of your website on other websites. From the search engine point of view Backlinks (link to your website on other websites) is an important ranking factor, because it recognized the popularity of your website and domain. Earlier link building was use to be a quite common practice among webmasters in order to rank higher, but some SEO companies have started doing Black Hat SEO, that is by purchasing links or crating huge number of backlinks using the automated software. Google trigger these activities as spam that is the unethical way of ranking higher in the search results, therefore on April 2012 they launched their first Penguin Update in order to penalize the web sites using unethical or black hat link building activities to promote themselves up in the search results. As soon as the update has been rolled out the websites that were ranking higher in the search results has suddenly dropped to many positions and some of even got deindxed (Google has deleted that website from their database) by Google.

These are some essential things related to the SEO. Search engine optimization is the long going process and there is no fixed set of rules or strategies that could work for your website to rank higher. The best SEO practices could be only learned by deep observation and doing SEO regularly. There is no technique in the world that guarantees results; therefore you have to test and trail many strategies and find out that works best in order to get desired results.